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Join us the first Sunday of every month for accountability groups for spreading the gospel. Designed to equip and inspire, Phalanx goes beyond traditional outreach by assigning you a dedicated group of fellow evangelists. Together, you form a united front, supporting and inspiring one another as you passionately spread the gospel. 

If you want to get involved in Phalanx please reach out to Pastor Jake Cox to be placed in a group. 

wyldenights copy.jpg

Join us the third Sunday of every month in a cherished tradition where members of our church family come together in smaller groups to share a meal and deepen connections in the comfort of each other's homes. It's an opportunity to break bread, share stories, and build lasting friendships within our church community. Whether you're a long-time member or new to our congregation, Wyldenights offers a warm and welcoming environment where everyone is embraced with open arms. 

Use the link on the calendar to get scheduled or reach out to Kim McNeal. 

menbiblestudy copy.jpg

Join us on Tuesday evenings to dive deep into the word of God alongside your brothers in faith in a supportive and engaging environment. Our Men's Bible Study is a place where men of all ages and backgrounds come together to explore Scripture, share insights, and grow spiritually.

If you have questions about Men's Bible Study please reach out to Pastor Jake Cox. 

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